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See Vi Peel featured on Dr. Oz by Dr. Jeffrey Horowitz of Baltimore!

The only seven day Skin Transformation System in the world!!! This peel contains a blend of powerful ingredients of phenol acids, vitamin C and Retin-A. Suitable for all skin types the Vi PEEl can be combined with other procedures such as injectable, facelifts and medical microdermabrasion. Improves skin texture and clarity while eliminating age spots, hyperpigmentation, melasma, freckles, sun damage and reducing the appearance of large pores and wrinkles while stimulating collagen and elastin for much clearer and firmer skin.  Vi PEEL also clears acne skin conditions.

KMP recently completed an intense clinical study hosted by the esteemed International Research Services, Inc. The evaluation studied the safety and effectiveness of KMP’s Vi Peel Facial Peel. Participants were carefully selected based on a variety of skin types and various levels of wrinkles and fine lines. Progress was thoroughly examined by trained professionals utilizing comprehensive visual observations and advanced instrumental analysis.

After four weeks of closely monitored use, we’re pleased to announce that International Research Services, Inc. concluded the following:

  • After close examination, Vi Peel was determined to be completely safe within intended use.
  • Crow’s Feet line improvements were “statistically significant for the spacing parameter, and trend wise (directionally) significant for five additional parameters.”
  • Fine Lines & Wrinkle improvements were “statistically significant. Overall, the changes were in the direction of smoother fine line texture.
  • Up to 71% of participants reported a significant improvement in “improved fine lines” and “skin suppleness.”
  • Signs of minor irritation decreased quickly after participants used the Vi Peel.
  • Participants rapidly showed a reduction in melanin content and increase in collagen content.
  • Just two weeks after Vi Peel use, participants showed a hemoglobin increase, suggesting increased blood flow to the treated areas.



Vi Peel performed Live on darker skin – Good Morning Texas

Dr. Bill Johnson of Innovations Medspa in Dallas, Tx performs a Vi Peel live on Good Morning Texas to demonstrate how it works on darker skin types. The Vi Peel is one of the first procedures available to pigmentation problems in darker skin types. It’s quick, pain free, and results can be seen within 7 days.

Vi Peel | FOX 5

Vi Medical Products is dedicated to creating innovative “Next Generation Aesthetic” products to the medical community. Vi Peel™ and Vi Derm™ Skin Care System represent a true breakthrough, rendering other facial skin peels obsolete. These products are safe, simple, practical and virtually painless, with superior results.

Vi Peel done on TV – Stocking Stuffer Ideas Christmas 2014

Great ideas for quick, affordable, cosmetic procedures that you can give as stocking stuffers. Botox, Dermal fillers such as Restylane and Radiesse, Thermage skin tightening, and the Vi Peel.